Landscape Drainage Solutions for Homeowners in the North Potomac, MD, Area

Unresolved drainage problems can wreak havoc on your yard in the North Potomac, Maryland, area. At Allentuck Landscaping, we can provide you with expert landscape drainage solutions that will help protect your home and landscape from the perils of excess water year after year. We have been providing top-of-the-line landscaping services to area residents since 1986, making us one of the most tenured and reputable local companies in the industry. Throughout the years, we’ve maintained an unwavering commitment to quality craftsmanship and five-star service, so you can trust we’re the right company to take on your landscape drainage project.

A Variety of Options

At Allentuck Landscaping, we know there is no one-size-fits-all landscape drainage solution. That’s why we will send our experts to your home to assess the drainage issue, determine the specific cause, and then offer the best solution. Some of the most common drainage solutions we offer include:

  • Buried downspouts – This will help guide rainwater away from your home’s foundation and channel it to thirsty areas of your lawn.
  • Dry rock beds – These can help prevent soil erosion and water damage in areas where water runoff is a problem.
  • Foundation grading – By reshaping the surface angle, foundation grading prevents water from building up around your home’s foundation.
  • French drains – We’ll fill a trench containing a perforated pipe with gravel or rock to redirect surface water and groundwater away from an area of your lawn.
  • Rain gardens – Rain gardens soak up 30% more water than regular lawns, making them an excellent drainage solution.

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To find out more about the landscape drainage solutions we offer to homeowners in the North Potomac, MD, area, contact the professionals at Allentuck Landscaping today.