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This review is about lawn maintenance only. We used them for our pool decking and that work was fine. Our lawn was simply neglected by Allentuck. Weeds overran it and only after we raised the issues did someone provide some very limited attention. Quite frankly it was too late. We also know that only half the yard was provided grub control as one side of our yard is full of dead patches of grass. Another landscaper told us it’s grubs that weren’t treated appropriately. We were told to wait it out to see the benefits of Allentuck’s work, but I know that after paying thousands our lawn is worse 12 months after they started their services. This company should stay out of the business of lawn maintenance except for lawn mowing. We are spending so much money to recover and after just 2 weeks with another company the lawn looks better…except for the grubs that Allentuck didn’t treat in the spring when they said they did. I wouldn’t recommend their service to anyone. Any response or blame on us in response to this message further underscores their lack of accountability.
We had Allentuck Landscaping install drainage solution in our backyard. Starting from initial estimates thru contracts, scheduling and their crew doing the work, they were very professional, very responsive, on time, etc. The crew did an excellent job more than i expected. Their pricing was also reasonable. I highly recommend Allentuck for landscaping services.
We needed professional landscaping services to replace our front entrance walkway and stoop and provide a plan for front entrance plants that would be deer resistant and relatively low maintenance. We met with experienced planners from Allentuck Landscaping who helped us decide on a plan which was detailed in a draft contract. Every landscaping job has site related issues that need to be addressed as part of the plan. Tough issues were addressed by the Allentuck team and options provided for customer selection and approval. We enjoyed working with the friendly and professional installation team on what turned out to be a 5 day project. We are very pleased with the result (please see pictures) and would recommend Allentuck Landscaping be considered for any landscaping job be it large or small.
Amazing service 👏🏾 definitely gets the job done ✔️ 👍🏾