Our Warranty

When you hire Allentuck Landscaping Co., you can trust that the job will be done correctly and professionally. You can also expect to receive the very best landscape warranty in the market. We want you to be delighted and to enjoy your landscape for years to come.

Lifetime Plant Warranty

We offer a Lifetime Warranty for plantings that are designed, installed, and maintained by Allentuck Landscaping Co. Maintenance programs must either be GardenScapes or TotalScapes.

For those customers not wishing to have Allentuck Landscaping Co. maintain their plantings, we offer a two-year warranty.

There are a few exclusions to this warranty. The following are not guaranteed: annuals, transplanted plants, sod or seeded lawns, and plants in pots or planters.  Plant material guarantee does not extend to damage resulting from vandalism, improper watering, poor drainage, extreme cold, salt damage, damage by animals, natural catastrophe, Owner neglect, “acts of God,” and other factors beyond the control of the Allentuck Landscaping Co.

Requests for replacement must be made in writing (email is acceptable) and both warranties are for a one-time replacement with a plant of similar size that was originally installed. If the same variety is not available, Allentuck Landscaping Co. reserves the right to substitute a similar variety.

Refunds are not given in lieu of warranty replacement. Cancellation for any reason of maintenance by the Owner / Agent or Allentuck Landscaping Co. will immediately void the lifetime warranty.

Masonry Five Year Warranty

All hardscapes are guaranteed for five (5) years to cover any cracks, loose or broken stones. Warranty covers all masonry and deck work but excludes prefabricated grill and its components. Warranty does not cover any damages caused by heavy machinery, salt damage, heavy objects falling on it or abuse of materials.

All prefabricated grills, components and lighting components carry manufacturer warranties. Light bulbs are not included in warranty.

Allentuck Landscaping Co. will not perform any warranty work if customer’s account is not paid up to date.

Unless otherwise specified, we complete all our warranty requests during the third week of each month between April and October. When we receive your warranty replacement request, we will notify you by email of the specific week and month of your replacement period.