Landscape Design and Installation

At Allentuck Landscaping Company, our experienced landscape team will provide a beautiful, standout design for your home before completing all installation expertly and on time. Our designs account for all factors, including your home’s unique needs, your vision, and your budget. Ready to get started? Reach out to us below for an estimate.

Creative Landscape Design and Professional Installation

Allentuck Landscaping Company specializes in the design and implementation of exterior spaces that not only enhance your outdoor living experience, but increase the value of your home. We’ll work closely with you to take your landscape from a vision to a final plan with the utmost attention to your desires and budget.

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Upgrade your Home with Creative Landscape Design

Our experienced landscape team will provide a beautiful, standout design for your home before completing all installation expertly and on time.

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Seamless Design Process

At Allentuck, our promise is to make the landscaping experience easy, hassle-free, and professional. That starts with careful planning and a design process in which we carefully consider your needs and stated vision for your home.

Whether you want to add an intimate space, a patio terrace, or a cascading waterfall, our Landscape Advisors have extensive experience and the knowledge of landscape materials, trends, and styles to create your landscape dream. Our 30+ years of experience is why our customers count on us to guide them through the design process.

Implemented to Perfection

It takes a highly skilled team of landscape design and installation experts to transform a vision into beautiful reality. But time and again, our hardworking professionals come through for our clients.

Our well-trained and experienced installation teams combine our passion for timeless landscape design with high quality materials and workmanship to build beautiful patios, solve drainage problems, and plant stunning gardens. Our expertise, commitment to quality, and keen eye for details will assure that your project not only brings your vision to life, but truly exceeds your expectations.

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Dog-Friendly Landscaping Options

Part of developing a perfect landscaping design includes considering the needs of everyone who will be using the outdoor space. At Allentuck Landscaping, we account for you and all of your family members—including the furry, four-legged ones.

When working with a family with dogs, we take care to work with plantings and use lawn care methods that will make your outdoor spaces both beautiful and canine-friendly. In addition to pet-safe plants and non-toxic treatments, we’ll make sure our design leaves your dogs plenty of space to stretch their legs and chase tennis balls to their heart’s content.

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Whether you’re dreaming of a new patio, a flower garden, a pristine grass lawn, or all of the above, our landscape design and installation team has the creative vision and landscaping talent to make it all happen. When designing and implementing an outdoor space, our goal is to create a space you can enjoy not just now, but many years into the future.

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Landscaping Design FAQs

Professional landscape design and installation starts with a great creative vision and ends with the skill and expertise to pull it all off. The best landscape designers will be creative, attentive to your needs, communicative, and have the work ethic to complete your project to perfection within your timeline.

While every home (and homeowner) has different needs, a complete landscape design will include multiple elements including both hardscapes and softscapes and, perhaps most importantly, drainage solutions to maintain your entire installation and protect your home.

The landscaping installations that add the most home value tend to be those that add more living space or create lower-maintenance beauty for your home. This includes things like decks and patios, lighting systems, and low-maintenance plants. Aside from new installations, regular landscape maintenance is also a cost-effective way to make your home more attractive to buyers.