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Why Can't We All Just Get Along?

TreeWe often hear, "Nothing will grow under my trees".

To be perfectly honest, our first response to this statement is usually not what our customers want to hear: "Duh". Mature trees have large canopies that block out the sun and massive root systems that will out-compete smaller plants for water every day. So the area under the trees becomes brown and dead looking. We can't blame anyone for wanting to beautify and area like this.

So what should we do?

Consider The Tree First - Mature trees are a valuable asset to any landscape. Many species need air and water available to the roots to survive. Others cannot tolerate pH change or disturbance to the root system. Understanding and being sensitive to the tree specie's needs is the first step.

Create an Environment for Success - Simply piling dirt over the root system is not the answer - it will suffocate the tree's roots. A mixture of screened topsoil and organic matter (leafmold) is better, but only to a depth of 2". Selecting smaller plants will reduce the need to dig deep and tear out roots. Apply a 2"-3" layer of mulch will add nutrients and insulate both the new plants and tree roots.

Help Your New Plants - The new plants will require more water than new plants not planted under large trees. Remember, the tree already has a root system in place to take up the water. Water the new plants every other day for at least six weeks. Monitor them during the dry summer for additional water needs.

Some Plants to Consider -

Pachysandra Japanese Painted Fern Foamflower

Pachysandra Japanese Painted Fern Foamflower

Japanese Forest Grass Lungwort Periwinkle

Japanese Forest Grass Lungworts Periwinkle

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