Day: September 14, 2014

Why Can’t We All Just get Along

“Nothing will grow under my trees”. To be perfectly honest, our first response to this statement is usually not what our customers want to hear: “Duh”. Mature trees have large canopies that block out the sun and massive root systems that will out-compete smaller plants for water every day. So the area under the trees becomes brown and dead looking. We can’t blame anyone for wanting to beautify and area


Welcome To Fall! September Stuff To do

September Stuff to Do Although we hate to see the carefree living of summer pass, September brings renewed effort in the Here are some tasks to keep your garden looking its best well into the fall: Fall is for planting! Add trees and shrubs to your gardens. Continue to feed and dead-head your hanging baskets and container plants – they will often keep going until the first frost. As the annuals in your garden