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Getting These  Tasks Done In December Will Pay Dividends Down The Road for your Montgomery County, MD landscape It may be December  but there us still a lot to do in your Montgomery County, MD landscape. December is a great time to divide perennials. It’s like getting free plants! Some of the easiest to divide include…

What Is The Best Height To Mow My Lawn? This is a question we get asked a lot, by both our clients and by homeowners. The reason it is asked is simple; the lower I mow my lawn, the less I have to mow it and the sharper it will look, right? Well, not exactly.…

Watering Grass Correctly Is Key To A Lush, Green Lawn It is another hot week. Your lawn will need some help if it is to thrive and look its best. Here are 7 things you need to know about watering our lawn: Water in the Morning Early morning watering is the best. It allows your lawn…

How Will The Cold Temperatures Affect My Landscape? With record breaking low temperatures (9 degrees this morning!), one would wonder if these conditions are bad for our landscape? Will these temperature harm or kill our plants? Plants Can Fend For Themselves Plants are well suited to deal with cold temperatures. Trees and shrubs go dormant.…

Resolutions For Our Garden As 2014 melts into 2015, I am overwhelmed by just how fortunate we are at Allentuck Landscaping Co. It has been a crazy year with so many good things (and a few bumps along the way).  I thought I would share a few garden (and life) resolutions with you. First a…

How much do you know about hybrid cars? Hybrid cars are more plentiful, advanced and efficient than ever, with dozens of options now available to consumers. These fuel-saving, emissions-cutting vehicles currently make up 3% of the total car and light truck market in the United States, helping to meet the government’s tougher fuel-economy standards. But…

Check out these artistically striking photos of fall foliage color:  Click photo for more

Had enough of the deer eating your landscape? Yes, we know they are cute and all but when they destroy thousands of dollars in plants overnight, they are a pest.  The bottom line is that when the leaves fall off the trees, there is very little food left in the forest for our big-eared friends.…

There is so much to be done in October that perhaps we should call it Plantober! Let’s get started: We are still in a good time period to over-seed your lawn. While you are at it, get a soil test and apply lime to adjust its pH. Aeration will greatly improve water, air and fertilizer…

Sunrise at Arlington National Cemetery is a special time. There is a beauty in it that is simple which is very appropriate for such a meaningful place. I have had the opportunity to view many sunrises there, even one from the Tomb of the Unknowns with only the Old Guard sentry as company. It is…

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