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Deer EatingHad enough of the deer eating your landscape? Yes, we know they are cute and all but when they destroy thousands of dollars in plants overnight, they are a pest. 

The bottom line is that when the leaves fall off the trees, there is very little food left in the forest for our big-eared friends. All that is left are some evergreens, and your garden.

Deer are creatures of habit (aren't we all). They like to follow the same paths and bed down in the same places. When food gets scarce in the woods, they like to find their food around those safe and desirable places. The best way to "train" them not to eat your plants is to make them think the plants are not the food they want.

Now is the optimal time to begin training them not to eat your landscape.

For this, we have been using a product called Scram (catchy, isn't it?). Scram is an organic product (we like organic) comprised of a mixture of herbs and spices. Through their uncanny sense of smell, Scram convinces the deer that harm is nearby. Interestingly enough, it does not smell bad to humans. Scram does not harm children or pets and because it is organic, does not harm the environment.

Through our Deer DeFence program we apply Scram every thirty days or so around the plants that are at risk. This schedule has proven effective at keeping deer away from desirable plants and if started this fall, will protect your plants year round.

If you would like information on how we can help you protect your landscape investment, give us a call at 301-515-1900 or email at


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