Resolutions For our Garden

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Resolutions For Our Garden

As 2014 melts into 2015, I am overwhelmed by just how fortunate we are at Allentuck Landscaping Co. It has been a crazy year with so many good things (and a few bumps along the way).  I thought I would share a few garden (and life) resolutions with you. First a disclaimer: Although these are garden resolutions for our company, they are also somewhat my personal resolutions so I will freely be using “we” and “I” as I see fit. All of you teachers, including my daughter, feel free to give me grammar demerits as you see fit.

We resolve to look forward while still remembering the past. Gardening is about looking forward. Gardeners are optimistic. We plant small plants with the intent that they will someday be larger. We plan landscapes with the hope that someday they are beautiful gardens. At the same time, we cannot keep making the same mistakes over and over again. No matter how many time we plant an Azalea in wet soil, it will never survive for long. 

We resolve to expand our garden. At Allentuck Landscaping Co., we have a large organic garden in which we grow over thirty varieties of vegetables, herbs and berries. I started the garden to encourage my family, our employees and their families to eat healthier. I think it has helped although the Brussel Sprouts have been a hard sell. This year, I want to expand our garden and add new varieties of good stuff to eat. There are always new things to try. Why not try them?

We resolve to recycle more. We recycle a lot. We recycle garden waste, wooden pallets, plastic plant pots, water bottles, soda cans, paper and motor oil. The earth is a fragile place and we are running out of resources. There is only so much to go around and re-using seems to be a good way to make things go further.

We resolve to grow. Yes, of course we want our company to grow. And yes, I want our customer’s gardens to grow but I also want our people to grow. I am blessed to work with a team that has been at Allentuck Landscaping Co. for an average of over 12 years, some close to 20 years. We have practically grown up together and now I have watched their families grow up as mine has. As great a team as we have, I know that each of them can grow even more, both professionally and personally. I want us all to learn and grow together.

We resolve to branch out. I remember a saying from the time my daughters were Girl Scouts. “Make new friend but keep the old, one is silver but the other is gold” (and they thought I wasn’t paying attention!). This sounds like pretty good advice. As much as we need and want new customers, we are thankful for the one’s we have right now. Just like our team, some of these relationships go back over twenty years. I am thankful for these deep and meaningful relationships. They truly are gold.

And so, we say goodbye to one year and welcome they next. Gardens bring happiness and joy to our lives in so many ways. I too hope to bring happiness to those around me. I resolve to love deeper, laugh louder, forgive faster and hold those dear closer.

May 2015 bring you and your families all the joy of a garden and the world. Happy New Year everyone!

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