Backyard Landscape Ideas

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Backyard Landscape Ideas For Creating Your Own Oasis

We have a saying; the front yard is public, the backyard is private. The backyard is your personal domain. The place where you find refuge from the go, go, go world we live in. It is where you go to escape, spend time with family and friends, relax, and unwind. So why not make it as nice as possible. No matter the size of your backyard, why not make it our own personal oasis. Here are some backyard landscape ideas that will help.

Create Privacy

The first step to creating our oasis is to create some privacy. No one can thoroughly relax if the feel like they are being watched. Fences and screening plants can go a long way to creating the feeling of Backyard Landscape Ideasseclusion. They also create a backdrop to whatever may go in front of them be it a nice shrub planting or perennial border. For more information on screening plants check out our blog post 6 Wonderful Plants For A Deer Resistant Screen.

A Secret Hideaway

For the ultimate quiet few moments or a private conversation, why not create a little secret hideaway in your garden. It is easy to do. A curve of a garden bed or some well placed large shrubs can create a little nook to steal away from everyone else for a few moments of welcome quiet. A hideaway can be as simple as a bench on a few pieces of flagstone or an Adirondack chair set in a quiet corner of the yard.

Backyard Landscape IdeasThe Perfect Patio

Obviously a patio can make for the perfect backyard oasis. Natural stone, pavers, wood or composite lumber can all make for excellent floor materials. Adding amenities such as a fire pit, fireplace, seat wall, outdoor kitchen, pergola and water feature can all combine to put your personal signature and entertainment style front and center.

A Place For The Kids

Get the kids outside! There is a lot to be gained from children being outside in nature, away from the television and computer games. Create a space that they will enjoy and look forward to spending time in. Add the wonders of nature in the form of plants that attract butterflies or birds. Install a fun playset for them to enjoy. Whatever you do, remember that they are going to grow and their interests will change. Build in some flexibility to change the area as they mature.

Dog Friendly

If you have a dog, you know how important this member of your family can be. You probably also know that they will make any landscape their own. This, however, does not need to be a problem. Backyard Landscape IdeasThere are many landscape design techniques that not only look great, but are dog friendly. For more information on creating a dog friendly landscape, see our blog post Creating A Dog-Friendly Landscape

Made In The Shade

Our summers are hot. If you plan (and we hope you do) to use your backyard during the summer, you will need some shade to keep cool. Shade can come from structures such as pergolas, or naturally from trees. Whichever you choose, location matters. The pergola or tree needs to be placed so that it casts shade in the location you are most likely to spend time. Remember, the sun always sets in the west so the shadow will fall towards the east.

Don’t Forget The Evenings

Summer evenings create lifelong memories so make sure your backyard paradise plans take into account how the space will be used at night. Well designed landscape lighting can create atmosphere and mood, as well as practicality. Overhead string lights offer a festive feeling. Let’s not Backyard Landscape Ideasforget how special an night around a fire pit or in front of a fireplace can be. Did someone say s’mores?

A Little Fun

Lastly, put a little fun in your backyard. Light heartedness can go a long way to helping us unwind from stressful days. Wind chimes and birds in birdbaths or at bird feeds create relaxing white noise. Ornamental grasses and hanging mobiles can create soothing movement in the lightest of breezes. Fish in a small pond and some landscape art can distract and give us something to ponder as we look and consider them.

Our backyard is our space. Make it special for you.


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