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Winter Gets One Last Laugh
Snowy TreeSurprise! A last minute snow storm is bearing down on our area just when we were getting ready for spring. We have been fielding a lot of calls in the last few days, all wanting to know; "Will the late snow harm my plants?"
The answer, probably not. This may not be the definitive answer you were hoping for so let's dig a little deeper (pun intended).
The temperatures are still fairly mild so we should not expect any cold damage to the plants. In fact, the snow may actually help insulate tender flower buds and shallow root systems.
The snow will actually bring a benefit to our gardens...water. Although we are not in a drought situation this year, the added precipitation will end up being mostly a good thing.
The one thing we do need to be concerned with is the weight the snow may put on shrubs and trees. This weight could break limbs. If it is a heavy snow and you are concerned, simply take a broom and gently brush the snow off of the plants periodically.
Do not forget about our furry and feathered friends. A blanket of snow can prevent them from getting to their food. Be kind and put out some seeds for them.
Enjoy this, hopefully, last taste of winter. Spring is coming...we promise.
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