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6 Outstanding Summer Flowering Shrubs

Summer Flowering Shrubs To Brighten Your Garden Summer is in full swing and so are some of the best summer flowering shrubs. If you are like most people, you may think the summer garden is limited to Crape Myrtles and Hydrangeas. Not true (although we did include a few on our list below). Here are some other excellent summer flowering shrubs for you to consider. Abelia ‘Kaleidescope’ – Abelia x


Hot Weather Effects Garden Plants

How To Counteract Hot Weathers’ Effects on Garden Plants Hot weather effects garden plants but there are things you can do to protect them. A prolonged heat wave can be disastrous for all the hard work and money spent to have a beautiful garden, only to see it wither up and die. Here are some tips to help you help your landscape survive. Trees and Shrubs – Newly planted trees


Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Fireflies

Fireflies Are One Of The Joys Of Summer! Chasing fireflies are on the joys of summer. One of my fondest memory growing up was receiving a letter from Ranger Rick (yes I am dating myself) explaining why Fireflies, or Lightning Bugs, light up. It had always been fun to chase them around the yard at night with my friends. Turns out, I never asked Ranger Rick about Fireflies. My grandfather