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How low should I mow my lawn?How low should I mow my lawn?

Part of the answer depends on what time of the year it is. Given that it is summer, we will focus on the proper technique for this time of the year. So, exactly what height height should you set lawn mower at?

Cutting the lawnmower set at the proper mowing height can save you from having to bag your grass clippings. The advantages of not bagging the lawn clippings are less work for you and, more importantly, additional nutrients for your grass. The clippings break down quickly and go back into the food chain as food for your lawn.

Never cut your lawn shorter than 2 ½ inches or remove more than 1/3 of the leaf blade. Cut your lawn too short and it will fry in the summer heat.

Although you are reducing your work by leaving the lawn clippings, we do realize that cutting this frequently (it works out to about once per week) is more work for you. But, by following this schedule, you will have a healthier lawn, fed by nutrients that you would have otherwise had to dispose of. One more benefit, cutting the lawn stimulates growth and increases thickness.

How low should I mow my lawn?A few additional mowing tips:

Sharper is Better – Keep your mower blades sharp. A clean cut is healthier and looks better than one that looks like the grass blade was “ripped” off. At the very least, have your blade professionally sharpened prior to the season.

Mow When It Is Cool – Mowing in the morning or evening puts less stress on your lawn. It also puts less stress on you!

Get Out of A Rut – Alternate the direction or pattern you mow each time. This will prevent the mower wheels from creating a “rut” in your lawn. This process also makes the cuts look more pleasing to the eye.

May the grass always be greener on your side of the fence!


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