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Our Greatest Asset

It always sounds cliché, but our greatest asset at Allentuck Landscaping Co. is our people. YOU! Most companies will say something like this, and they mean it and are probably correct. I mean it too. I am fortunate to work with exceptional people in all parts of our company. Hard working, caring, nice. I am proud to have each of you as the face of Allentuck Landscaping Co.

Last month, we asked our maintenance customers to rate their experience with Allentuck Landscaping Co. As expected, we received very high marks, a B+ average, but not high enough for me. I like to get A’s. The biggest area where we were lacking was in being proactive in solving problems before the customer had to tell us about them. Tome, that is the same as saying we don't care about them enough. We can solve this.

I am asking each of you, as the faces of Allentuck Landscaping Co., to get in front of your customers. Call them, email them, visit them, say hello to them, smile at them. Kill them with kindness. It really isn’t that hard. We would be hard pressed to communicate with our customers too much.

As I often say; we do not lose customers due to bad landscaping, we lose customers when they do not think we care about them. Let’s show them we care.

Thank you for what each of you do.

With gratitude,


Living Our Core Values

As I already mentioned in the beginning of this newsletter, the people (YOU!) who work at Allentuck Landscaping Co. are what makes us special. One of the biggest improvements I have seen over the last few years is how welcoming everyone is to new team members. It wasn’t always that way.

I used to cringe when a new employee joined our company knowing that they may not make it even a few days. We weren’t the most welcoming group around. Now, I enjoy watching how new people are welcomed and I am proud of it. Don’t get me wrong, I know that if a new person is a bad fit they are not going to make it. But more often than not, new people are given a real chance to become a long term, valuable team member.

Creating a comfortable environment in which to work and do business. is one of our Core Values!


Celebrations This Month!

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Thought For The Month

Monthly Safety Line

School starts this week! That means there will be children walking to and from school as well as school buses on the road. This month's Safety Line focuses on being aware of children and buses.

Please share the Monthly Safety Line with your Crew Members. It is available in English and Spanish at the following link:


 Good Work - Photos From The Past Month

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