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A Great Start! Keep The Progress Rolling!

kick assJanuary has been a jam packed start of the year. I am psyched about the progress we have been making on improving our company. We have been fortunate to have decent weather to work in. A few of the highlights:

  • We have screened the old soil in the field and turned it into excellent topsoil
  • The stables has been cleaned and organized (Thanks Felipe!)
  • We have held two really good Crew Leader Training Sessions so far
  • The maintenance crews have done a great job tightening up our customer properties
  • A new Landscape Architect/Salesperson has joined our team.
  • Design contracts and jobs are starting to come in!

We don’t know what the weather in February will look like so we need to make sure we are using every day the best we can. Spring will be here before we know it. Let’s keep the momentum rolling!

                         - Bruce

Living Our Core Values

A customer sent me a photo this week of some Arborvitaes we had planted last summer. She thought they were dead. They had actually been eaten by deer.

Loewenstein - Dead ArborvitaeOur two year warranty specifically says that we do not guarantee against deer eating plants. Also, the job was designed by another company, we just presented the winning price and got the job. We could have told her “sorry ma’am, not our problem”.

The way I see it is that people come to Allentuck Landscaping Co. for our expertise. They trust us to make the right decisions for them and their landscape. In this case, we did not recommend changing the type of plant even though it was obvious that deer were in the area. We blew it and will be replacing the plants this spring with Cryptomeria, which deer do not eat.

Standing behind our commitment to quality and service is one of our Core Values.

Celebrations This Month!

Richard Mon

Welcome Richard!

It is with great pleasure that we welcome Richard Mon to our team. Richard is a Landscape Architect will be working to design and sell new landscape projects. For most of his career he has been designing gold courses in China. In his spare time, of course, Richard enjoys playing golf and spending time with his two children.

Welcome Aboard Richard!

Thought For The Month

Run The Day

Monthly Safety Line

This month I went back to the basics. Winter is a time when we sometimes let go of some of the most important things regarding safety; Personal Protection Equipment, or PPE's. Our Crew Members will be back with us soon. As leaders, I want you to make sure that you are alwas wearing your PPE's, and that your Crew members do as well. Please set a great example.

Please share the Monthly Safety Line with your Crew Members. It is available in English and Spanish at the following link:


 Good Work - Photos From The Past Month

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