Day: January 30, 2017

Allentuck Landscaping’s Inside Dirt – February 2017

A Great Start! Keep The Progress Rolling! January has been a jam packed start of the year. I am psyched about the progress we have been making on improving our company. We have been fortunate to have decent weather to work in. A few of the highlights: We have screened the old soil in the field and turned it into excellent topsoil The stables has been cleaned and organized (Thanks


Allentuck Landscaping – February 2017 Safety Line

Personal Protection Equipment It benefits everyone Like athletes on the football field, you must also wear protection when doing your job. These items are designed to keep your body safe and protected from hazards that you may encounter. Our personal protective equipment (PPE) includes ear plugs, work boots, hat and safety goggles. At times, we may also require you to wear a hard hat, safety vest and/or chaps. Here are