Month: May 2018

Native Plants For Maryland Gardens

Native Plants Have Many Benefits A native plants is a plant that originate in and is native to a geographical region. In other words, it naturally occurs in the area and can be found in nature. Why Use Native Plants Using native plants in the landscape makes sense for a whole host of reasons. Because they are native, they are used to our conditions. Native plants are programmed to survive


How To Recognize Poison Ivy

Avoid The Itch By Knowing What Poison Ivy Looks Like One of the most beautiful plants in the garden or forest also happens to be one of the most toxic. Most people do not want to admit that Poison Ivy is actually a very pretty plant. Painful rashes tend to do that to people. But when you consider the green-reddish leaves, the white dangling flower and the white berries that


What Is Blooming In Maryland Gardens In May

So Much Flowering In Maryland Gardens May is like the Super Bowl of flowering plants. Look around our neighborhood. There are so many shrubs, perennials, bulbs and trees in bloom. This blog is intended to help you identify what is in bloom in Maryland Gardens right now so you can consider these plants for your garden. Shrubs Perennials   Bulbs   Trees Allentuck Landscaping Company is always here to help