Month: January 2018

8 Things To Ask When Hiring A Landscape Company

Expert Advice On How To Hire A Top-Notch Landscape Company It is exciting to envision a landscape project and then start the process of interviewing a potential landscape company to make it come to life. Whether you are re-doing the front foundation of your home or building a new outdoor living space in our backyard, it is a big undertaking. Figuring out how to select the right and responsible landscape


7 Hot Trends For Montgomery County, MD Gardens in 2018

Really Exciting Trends For Montgomery County, MD Gardens If you are like most gardeners (and if you are reading this we guess that you are), mid-winter makes one yearn for spring and the opportunity to get back into your garden. In this blog post we dive into what we think will be the hottest garden trends for Montgomery County, MD gardens in 2018. Back To Nature – Using native plants has


Will Salt Damage Lawns and Landscape Plants

Choosing The Right Ice Melt Product Will Reduce Salt Damage To Your Landscape Will Salt Damage My Landscape? Let’s put it this way. In ancient times, salt was used by armies as a biological weapon to destroy enemy’s fields and crops. So the short answer is yes, salt will damage landscape plants. Salt is made from sodium chloride. It is very useful for melting snow and ice, and good as