7 Hot Trends For Montgomery County, MD Gardens in 2018

Really Exciting Trends For Montgomery County, MD Gardens

If you are like most gardeners (and if you are reading this we guess that you are), mid-winter makes one yearn for spring and the opportunity to get back into your garden. In this blog post we dive into what we think will be the hottest garden trends for Montgomery County, MD gardens in 2018.

Montgomery County, MD Gardens

Back To Nature – Using native plants has been on the rise for several years and 2018 will see the trend stronger than ever. Native plants adapt better to area weather conditions and are more resistant to insects and diseases. The informality of these gardens are also very pleasing to our senses.



Montgomery County, MD Gardens

Find Your Zen – Life is only getting more and more hectic so creating a quiet place to pause, breathe, think, sit, read or chat are becoming more and more important. The sound of water, soft movement of ornamental grasses or relaxing scent of jasmine all appeal to our senses and help relax our minds. 2018 will see an increase in the creation of these special spaces.


Montgomery County, MD GardensCottage Gardens – Controlled chaos back! Collections of Hollyhocks, Phlox, Lavenders Larkspur and many more bring joy to any gardener’s heart. Combine with stack stone walls, gravel paths and other accents and it is like going back to a simpler time.



Montgomery County, MD Gardens

Succulents – The ease of care and vast array or varieties have pushed succulent plants onto our list of 2018 garden trends. Be on the lookout for more of these wonderful plants in your local garden center and for all kinds of unique combinations of these plants in gardens and containers alike.



Montgomery County, MD Gardens

Purple Pantone Color of the Year Ultra Violet – Every year Pantone names their Color Of The Year plants with that color sour in popularity. 2018 will be no different with Ultra Violet being named the winner. Plants that exhibit Ultra Violet include Petunias, Primulas, Lavenders, Verbenas and even Eggplants!



Montgomery County, MD Gardens

Garden To Fork – Raise your own food and eat healthy! This is a trend we can really get behind and we think gardeners in 2018 will too. Growing one’s own food has never been more popular (except maybe before the advent of large grocery chains). Not only is this pragmatic, vegetable gardens have become more and more ornamental and attractive over time.


Montgomery County, MD GardensReally Cool Paving – Some gardeners may bristle at pavers being included on this list but the fact is they have become more interesting and attractive than ever before. There is no reason for paving to only be in the background any longer.



There you have it, the 7 trends we think will be leading the garden charge in 2018. Are we correct? Only twelve months left to find out!

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