Day: September 13, 2016

The Ultimate Guide To An Extraordinary Patio – Part 1

There Are Basic Principles To Creating An Extraordinary Patio This is a two part blog post. The first part will focus on material selection and design. The second part will focus on patio features you can select to make your patio extraordinary. At Allentuck Landscaping Co, we view patios as an extension of your home, your outdoor family room, so to speak. A place to spend quality time with family and friends,


Patio and Walkway Paving Materials

Patio and Walkway Paving Materials Options There are so many paving material options available for your patio and walkway projects today. Here we present some of the most popular and durable flagstone and brick pavers available. Please visit our Gallery to see many of  these materials in projects. Flagstone Brick Pavers Natural Pavers Remember, Allentuck Landscaping Co. is always here to help you design, install, construct and maintain you lawn