Month: October 2014

Not Tonight Deer

Had enough of the deer eating your landscape? Yes, we know they are cute and all but when they destroy thousands of dollars in plants overnight, they are a pest.  The bottom line is that when the leaves fall off the trees, there is very little food left in the forest for our big-eared friends. All that is left are some evergreens, and your garden. Deer are creatures of habit


October Stuff To Do

There is so much to be done in October that perhaps we should call it Plantober! Let’s get started: We are still in a good time period to over-seed your lawn. While you are at it, get a soil test and apply lime to adjust its pH. Aeration will greatly improve water, air and fertilizer movement too. Now is actually the best chance to get those pesky broadleaf weeds like


A Kaleidoscope Of Color

Welcome to fall and all of the color it has to offer! Fall is a wonderful time of year and there are so many plants to choose from that present so many vivid colors. Here are some of our favorites for you to consider for your garden: Japanese Maples (Acer palmatum) are a delightful small tree that stands out in any garden. With habits from upright to weeping, there are