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What A Team! 
Two of the best. Samuel and Jose have been with ALC for 19 and 16 years respectfully.
I was recently compiling some employee data and decided to run a query on the gang here at Allentuck Landscaping Co. I used hire dates to look closer at the average tenure of our staff. Landscaping is typically a high turnover industry, but amazingly the average tenure of our Crew Leader Corp and Management Team is 13 years! That average includes a number of folks who were hired within the last year or two! Now that tells us a few things; 1.) We have an extremely dedicated and loyal staff. 2.) There is a real atmosphere of family that pervades our culture and 3.) We have a lot of talented and experienced industry seasoned folks on board! It says a lot about our belief in our company values, as well as the current leadership team that has carried these values forward for so many years.
It is great to do what you love, to have passion, to get excited about your work, even in an extremely challenging economic environment. But for many of us here at Allentuck Landscaping Co., this is not the first time we have been challenged. We learn from our experiences on and off the job site. We bring that passion and skill set into all that we do. We treat every project as if it were our own and we never cut any corners in our workmanship nor the outcomes.
Now, I am not saying that every day is a walk through the park. We have the normal frustrations and hiccups that everyone has in their daily work life. But, we have a passion for landscaping and we love to share it with our clients, we like to call it the Allentuck Difference. That can only occur with a group of longstanding dedicated employees.
This is a wonderful career, we get to make the world a more beautiful place, we work with nature, and we get put our individual signatures on everything we do. You have to love what you do and we are fortunate to have so many people that do, each and every day.
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