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Hug The Earth

Earth HeartWe all need a hug every now and then. What better time is there to show the earth a little love than today, Earth Day. Here are ten ways you can show our rock how much you care:

·         Feed wildlife - Many plants have berries and nuts that provide food for our furry and feathered friends.

·         Install a rain barrel - Collect and use water off of your roof to water your plants. It is free!

·         Maintain a health lawn- Turf grass not only looks nice, it puts out a lot of oxygen and filters pollutants before they get to the water table.

·         Create a home for wildlife - Many plants also provide shelter for animals.

·         Use native plants - Plants that grow naturally in our climate are more resistant to harmful insects and diseases so less pesticides will be used to care for them.

·         Garden In A BoxPlant a vegetable garden - Not only will you get fresh vegetables for your family (and a big feeling of satisfaction), no fuel will be used to truck your vegetables to the store.

·         Keep cool - A shade tree put in the correct place in your yard can shade your home in the summer and let sun in to warm it in the winter.

·         Recycle yard waste - Don't pick up your grass clippings, it is free fertilizer for your lawn. Leaves, when composted, turn into wonderful leafmold for next year's garden.

·         Clean water - A rain garden helps clean the water coming out of your gutters before it goes into the ground.


·         Get outside - Nothing says you care like spending time with a loved one. Go for a hike or a picnic. Enjoy, and hug, our earth. It is the only one we have.   

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