Finding The Right Lawn Care Company For You

Lawn Care CompanyHave You Found Your Lawn Care Company?

Do you know what to look for when you hire a lawn care company? Don’t take a leap of faith when you hire someone to be on your property and trust someone to care for your valuable landscape. Find out the following information before you hire your next lawn care company.

Does The Company Have Enough Knowledge And Experience To Care For Your Lawn And Landscape?

This may be hard to judge as most people do not have a working knowledge about lawns and garden plants or know the right questions to ask. Ask for references, or at least addresses of home like yours that the company already takes care of that you can drive by and look at. Another good indicator is how long the company has been in business and do any staff members have degrees in Lawn Care Companyhorticulture or related fields.

Does The Company Offer Enough Services To Properly Care For Your Lawn And Landscape?

Working with multiple service providers can be a real waste of time. One company for the lawn, one for the gardens, one for new plantings. Who has the time? It can also be more expensive as visits to perform the work cannot be combined. In addition, if something does go wrong, finger pointing often results to “the other guy”. Make sure the company you hire can perform enough services for you to simplify your life and provide great care to your property.

Is The Lawn Care Company Licensed?

There are several different types of licenses the lawn care companies need to have. A Business License indicates that the company is paying taxes and abiding by consumer protection laws. Lawn care companies must also carry Pesticide Applicator Licenses and Nutrient Management Licenses. These licenses make sure the company is trained in applying pesticides and fertilizers correctly and safely. These licenses are intended to protect you, your family and the environment.

Is the Lawn Care Company Insured?

Making sure the lawn and landscape company has the correct insurance protects you. If the company does not have enough General Liability Insurance could mean that damage to your property, or a neighbor’s property, would not be covered. The cost would come out of your pocket. Additionally, if the company does not have Worker’s Compensation Insurance and someone gets Lawn Care Companyhurt working on your property, it is ultimately your responsibility.

Does The Lawn And Landscape Company Have Environmentally Sound Practices?

This may sound cliché, but we only have one planet and everything that happens on it does affect each of our health and well-being. Using safe lawn care products and applying them correctly means that our lawns are safe for our children and our pets. It is possible to have both a safe lawn and landscape and still have it beautiful.

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