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It may be December but there us still a lot to do in the garden. C'mon Potomac, Bethesda, Chevy Chase, North Potomac, Darnestown and Rockville, let's get at it. Don't let us landscapers have all of the fun.

  • Landscaper Potomac Bethesda Garden Design Chevy Chase RockvilleOrder fruit trees adapted to your area now and designate shipping dates that avoid hard frozen ground problems when planting. Order now, plant later philosophy.
  • The dead tops of many perennials can be removed. Frost has killed back the top growth of most of our favorite perennials. 
  • Multi-trunk arborvitaes tend to flop over under excess snow and ice. To prevent snow and ice damage, tie the trunks of the arborvitae together using soft fabric straps.
  • Place a bucket of ice melt or sand near the door to your garage for quick access during bad weather. Five gallon buckets work perfectly.
  • Turn off outdoor water sources but leave the spigot slightly open to avoid freeze damage.
  • Drain and store away garden hoses or they will split when frozen.
  • Prune existing trees and shrubs during the dormant period. Without the leaves on it is easy to see crossing and competing branches that need to be removed.
  • Landscape Design Landscaper Potomac Rockville Darnestown Chevy Chase BethesdaBegin planning next year's landscape projects. Now is the time to look forward.
  • Protect sensitive plants with an extra layer of mulch.
  • Remove the last leaves from the lawn. Leaves left on the lawn can lead to fungal issues.
  • Call Allentuck Landscaping Co. to find out more about our fantastic maintenance programs so you can have your weekends to do better things!



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