An Outdoor Living Space For A Growing Family

Landscape Maintenance in Gaithersburg, MD

Outdoor Living SpaceWe’ve always said that an outdoor living space should be a reflection of a family’s indoor décor and of their lifestyle. For this Potomac, Maryland family, that meant a place to relax by a fire, cook a great meal, and even chill watching a movie. Our client already had a concept plan so it was up to us to put on the finishing touches and add our own signature to the project. Over several weeks and many conversations, we arrived at a finished plan that was ready to be built.

The project centered around a grand fire pit feature. The 48” x 48” stone fire pit is capped with 2” thick thermal Pennsylvania flagstone and is the main focal point of the upper patio space. There is plenty of room around the fire pit for comfy chairs to sit back in and relax the evening away. Near the patio, our team built a one of a kind firewood holder from rough cut cedar wood. Refreshing the fire is only a step away.

Also on the upper patio is an amazing wrap around outdoor kitchen complete with a spectacular 32” stainless steel gas grill and a Big Green Egg smoker. The smoker sits in a special nook we specifically designer for it.  The kitchen itself is made from the same veneered natural stone as the firepit and also has a 2” thick thermal Pennsylvania flagstone countertop. Countless Outdoor Living Spacegourmet meals have been cooked and enjoyed in this outdoor kitchen including brisket and all kinds of delicious pizzas.

A set of thermal Pennsylvania flagstone steps lead down to the lower patio, which is large enough for a family sized dining table. This patio is set apart from the rest of the project with an amazing cedar pergola overhead. The pergola was custom built by out carpentry partner and is a work of art unto itself. Our client installed a retractable video screen on the house wall adjacent to the patio, turning the outdoor space into their very own private movie theatre. Also adjacent to the patio is a storage area for seat cushion that our team constructed using the same rough cut cedar lumber as the firewood storage area.


Outdoor Living Space

No outdoor living space would be complete without lighting to make it wonderful late into the night. Our team installed low voltage lights including step lights and several path lights. A unique flair to this patio is the in-patio lights that were installed along the edge of the patio, giving the space a delightful glow.

Plant selection was of particular importance to our client. We worked together to create a plant palette that provide interest all year long. Of course, they also needed to be deer resistance. For flowers, we turned to Helleborus, Catmint ‘Walkers Low’, Coneflower ‘Cheyenne Spirit’ and Lavender to provide an abundance of color. A row of Limelight Hydrangeas will brighten a wall near the pergola all summer long. The gardens are anchored by a Bloodgood Japanese Maple, a Sweetbay Magnolia and a multi-stem Heritage River Birch. Finally, a Golden Fernspray Cypress was installed as an accent plant near the fire pit area.

This amazing outdoor living space has given one growing family a fantastic place to spend time and better enjoy their outdoor environment.


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