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Ready Or Not. Hear Comes March Madness

It has been a short and strange winter. If you are like me, the unusually warm weather has me itching to get going with some real landscape work. Let's make this spring better than ever. Here are some thoughts I have on how we can do just that:

  • Work smarter, not harder - make sure we have all of our materials and tools on our trucks so we can hit each job hard and fast.
  • Run the day - be prepared before we get to 6:30 am so there is no guess work during the "morning zoo".
  • Make each customer feel special - sometimes it is hard to remember that customers make it possible for us to work. Make them know they count.
  • Take care of our family - just like customers, everyone who works here are Allentuck Landscaping Co. is special and deserves our  appreciation.

In the madness of each day, sometimes it is hard to remember these for basic things. Let's each try to do each one a little better ever day.

Thank you for everything you do to make Allentuck Landscaping Co. remarkable!



Living Our Core Values

As each of you know, sitting in a loader day after day, hour after hour, can be boring and tedious. It can also be very rough on the body. Unfortunately, that is what it took to “clean” and organize the field. The soil and debris piles had collected for 10 plus years and it was time to take care of the problem.

Felipe, David and Jesus were primarily charged with getting the job done. Each of them spent considerable time not only working in the loader, but also hand separating limbs and even trash. We now have a high quality topsoil to use in our projects and the field is organized and much neater. It was a thankless job but they never complained. The each kept plugging along and did an excellent job.

Having a can-do attitude is one of our Core Values.

 Celebrations This Month!

 Job Openings

We still have several several positions that we need to fill and could use everyone's help. Recruiting bonuses are paid for anyone who helps us fill open spots!

Crew Members  - we need 4-5 more good Crew Members

Senior Crew Leader - Equipment Store - must be a current Crew Leader. This person manages the Equipment store. Please see Tim if you are interested.

 Thought For The Month

 Monthly Safety Line

Skid Steer Loaders are one of our most valuable pieces of equipment, and they can make a job much less strenuous on our staff. They also pose one of the greatest dangers in our work. Follow the guidelines in this months Safety Line to assure that you are using the Skid Steer Loader Safely.

Please share the Monthly Safety Line with your Crew Members. It is available in English and Spanish at the following link:


 Good Work - Photos From The Past Month

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