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Some Important Landscape Tasks For You To Tackle In November

Although the year is quickly fading away, there are still some important landscape tasks to be completed. Getting these done will help set up a successful spring for your lawn and landscape.

Landscape TasksRake The Leaves

This is probably a no brainer but there is a very good reason why it is important. Leaves left on the lawn can lead to serious disease issues for the grass. The leaves trap in moisture and the cool weather is perfect for fungal growth. Instead of having the leaves hauled off, why not shred them with a lawn mower and spread them in your gardens? Shredded leaves make a great mulch.


Landscape Tasks

Fertilize The Lawn

With a late fall application of a high-quality fertilizer, the lawn will establish a strong, deep root system, store nutrients that will carry it through winter, and green up earlier next spring.




Landscape Tasks

Plant New Shrubs

Planting shrubs in fall gives the plants a head start at establishing roots in the season's cool, moist soil. The basics: Dig a hole (twice the diameter and to a depth of 2 inches less than the full height of the root ball); position the shrub in the hole (make sure the top of the root ball remains at, not below, ground level); fill in with soil; water to settle soil; add more soil to top of root ball (don't pack soil down with foot); mulch.


Landscape TasksCut Back Perennials

A little work now results in healthier spring beds: Evict tired annuals, as well as the snails and slugs that feed on them, which breed in fall. Trim spent perennial foliage down to the ground; this sends energy to the roots, for next season. Every three years, divide crowded tuberous plants, like irises and daylilies: More space means more flowers.



Landscape Tasks

Put Water Hoses Away

This task is really for late November, just make sure it is done before we get a hard freeze. Water left in the hoses will freeze and expand, causing hoses to split. In order to avoid needing to purchase new hoses in the spring, put them away before the temperatures dip too low.


Landscape Tasks

Bonus Task

Plant spring bulbs! It is time to plant Daffodil, Tulip, Hyacinth, Crocus and Allium bulbs for stunning spring color.




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