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Important Fall Landscape TasksSo we made it through the summer. Now what?

Time to breathe! There is a welcome crispness in the air that can only signal fall. Fall is a great time to be a gardener and it is a perfect time to lay a solid foundation for next year. There are a lot of garden tasks to be completed before winter sets in. Let’s get at them.

Clean Up – With the temperature more comfortable now is a good time to get into the garden and remove any debris that has collected. Decomposing debris is a perfect place for harmful insects to lay their eggs and for plant diseases to fester.

Plant Shrubs and Trees – Fall is for planting! Shrubs and trees will be going dormant soon so they have far less planting stress now than any other time of the year. They will continue to develop roots and be much more prepared to deal with next year’s summer drought.

Important Fall Landscape TasksPlant Spring Bulbs – Spring bulbs are the garden’s surprises. Plant tulips, daffodils, crocus, allium and hyacinths now and wait for them to pop up next year!

Soil Test – Submit a soil test to determine what your lawn and garden’s true nutrient and pH requirements are. There is plenty of time left in this year to make any corrections with fertilizer and/or lime.

Mulch – After a long, hot, dry summer the mulch on your garden is probably thin and dull. A new layer will help protect tender roots from cold winter temperatures and it will make your gardens look clean and fresh. One word of warning, never pile on more than 2” of mulch so as to not suffocate plants.

Kill Perennial Weeds – Fall is the best time to get control of perennial weeds in your lawn. Kill them now and you will not need to worry about them next year.

Important Fall Landscape TasksOverseed – Fall is for seeding! Improve your lawn by seeding in the fall and reap the rewards in the spring.

Feed Your Lawn – Fall fertilizing goes a long way to improving the lawns roots system. By strengthening the root system, your lawn will stand a far better chance of surviving the heat next summer.

Rake Leaves – Raking leaves is simply part of the deal. If you have trees, you have leaves, and they need to be removed. Leaves left on the lawn can lead to disease issues. Believe it or not, some people find raking leaves therapeutic!

Important Fall Landscape Tasks

Fall Flowers – Pansies, Ornamental Cabbage and Kale, Chrysanthemums! Lots of colors and textures to choose from. Enjoy!

Prune – Trees and shrubs react well to fall pruning. Thin out plants, remove dead and dying limbs, cut off crossing branches. Without the leaves, it is much easier to see the structure of the plant.

Hydrate – Give your needle evergreens an extra watering or two. It will help keep them from drying out this winter.

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