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6 Shrubs Rarely Damaged by Deer in Montgomery County, MD

Avoid Costly Deer Damage To Shrubs Deer can cause significant damage to landscape plants, as they have a wide range of dietary preferences and will often feed on a variety of shrubs, flowers, and trees. Their browsing habits can result in the stripping of leaves, twigs, and bark, which can weaken or kill the plant. Additionally, repeated browsing can cause a plant to become stunted or misshapen. There are, essentially,


Enhanced Tree and Shrub Care

Tree and Shrub Care Your Landscape Plants Deserve Your landscape is a substantial investment. One that needs to be cared for and protected from damaging insects and diseases. Allentuck Landscaping Co.’s Enhanced Tree and Shrub Care does just that, organically. Our program includes organic bionutrients to improve the soils the plants are growing in, organic fertilizers to feed your landscape plants, and oils to protect plants from insect damage. The


The 7 Flowering Shrubs Perfect For Montgomery County, MD

These 7 Flower Shrubs Have So Much To Offer Your Garden Flowering shrubs offer not only a blast of color, but also delightful fragrances to fill your garden. They brighten your day and provide something to look forward to all year. They also provide a gorgeous backdrop to annuals and perennials. Our list of the 7  flowering shrubs perfect for Montgomery County and the surrounding areas is a compilation of