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Allentuck Landscaping Co. Is Lending A Hand To Local Military Families

Allentuck Landscaping Co. Joins National GreenCare for Troops Movement to Support Local Military Families We are so pleased to announce that Allentuck Landscaping Co. has joined ranks with Project EverGreen’s GreenCare for Troops program, a program designed to provide lawn care and landscape services to families of currently deployed military personnel as well as post 9/11 service-connected wounded/disabled veterans at no charge. Allentuck Landscaping Co. will participate with lawn care


8 Best Garden Plants For Attracting Butterflies

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text] Plant These Plants For Attracting Butterflies To Your Garden Butterflies are a delight to have in one’s garden. Attracting butterflies to your garden is easy. It is important to plant the one thing they cannot resist, flowers. Flowers and butterflies go hand in hand. As a poet once pointed out, butterflies are flying flowers, and flowers are tethered butterflies. Here are 8 of the best plants for attracting butterflies


Do You Need Professional Lawn Maintenance in Frederick County, MD?

Get Better Results With Professional Lawn Maintenance in Frederick County, MD If you are like most homeowners in Frederick County, MD who do their own lawn care, your lawn took a beating this year. Even if you have a contractor take care of it, the results probably were not what you were hoping for. Your lawn and landscape have a big impact on your home’s appearance and curb appeal. If it