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Avoid Costly Deer Damage To Shrubs If you are reading this, chances are you have had shrubs damaged by deer. It is frustrating and costly. After investing in you landscape, having it turn into a buffet for deer is heart breaking. It is to help you avoid such cost and frustration that we present our…

Try These Deer Resistant Sun Loving Annuals You know the frustration. You spend hours of valuable free time (not to mention a few hard-earned bucks) picking out annuals, preparing the garden bed, planting the annuals, mulching them in, and watering them, only to have them munched down to the ground before the next morning. Frustrating…

Simple Tips To Keep Deer From Eating Spring Bulbs It’s time to plant spring bulbs!  Not only are you excited about it, there are quite a few animals looking for an easy meal that are happy too. Tulip and Crocus bulbs are the animals favorite. Use the three tips below to help keep animals out of…

If you live in deer territory, and who in this area doesn’t, we do not need to tell you how difficult and frustrating it can be to have a garden. There are very few feelings as bad as finding one of your prized plants half way eaten. Have heart, this list of 23 Really Interesting…

Deer Damage To Landscape Plants Can Cost Thousands Of Dollars Got deer? Deer have become one of the most serious pests of the suburban landscape. How frustrating is it to plan out and install your landscape only to have it ravished by deer overnight? Allentuck Landscaping Co.’s Deer DeFence program will protect your landscape with…

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text] Try These Deer Resistant Perennials In Your Garden If you are reading this you already know that damage to landscape plants in Montgomery County, Maryland by White Tail Deer has increased dramatically over the last few years. Hundreds of thousands of dollars’ worth of damage to gardens has occurred. The problem has become worse…

Our List Of Proven Deer Resistant Annuals You know the routine. You fight the crowds at the local garden center on Saturday morning, fill your car with flats of bright, colorful annuals, spend the afternoon plantings, mulching and watering them, only to come out on Sunday morning to find them eaten down to the roots…

Winter Deer Damage Can Devastate Garden Plants When the leaves fall off of plants that deer typically like to eat, they turn to alternative foods. This is why a majority of landscape plant damage happens in the winter months. With deer as plentiful as they are, this can mean a lot a of winter deer…

Had enough of the deer eating your landscape? Yes, we know they are cute and all but when they destroy thousands of dollars in plants overnight, they are a pest.  The bottom line is that when the leaves fall off the trees, there is very little food left in the forest for our big-eared friends.…

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