Fire Pit Hardscape

Fire Pit Hardscape

A fire pit makes the perfect focal point and gathering spot for your hardscape. Add coziness to even chilly evenings in the Potomac area with expertly installed outdoor fireplaces, fire pits, features, and more, all beautifully designed and installed by our team at Allentuck Landscaping Company.

Experts in Fire Pit Hardscape Installation

If you’re looking to add warmth, coziness, and gorgeous lighting to your outdoor hardscape, adding a fire pit or other feature is the perfect solution. Fire pits and fireplaces add coziness, enabling you and your family to enjoy your outdoor space longer into the evening or later in the year. Meanwhile, decorative fire features create a beautiful look that simply can’t be matched by other designs.

At Allentuck Landscaping Company, our highly experienced craftsmen design and build custom fire elements that work well alone or as a seamless addition to your home’s existing hardscape. From patios with built-in fire pits to outdoor fireplaces, we’re the go-to experts for homeowners throughout the Potomac region. Reach out to us today for an estimate!

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Popular Designs and Features

Fire features can be incorporated into a patio or hardscape in a variety of ways. No matter what your desired look and use for your outdoor space, our team has the breadth of expertise to install the perfect fire pit hardscape for your home. Our popular features include:

Fire Pits

A fire pit makes the perfect focal point for your hardscape, providing friends and family a place to gather around, chat, and relax in the comfort of your outdoor space.

Outdoor Fireplaces

The coziest area of your home can be just outside with an elegant and warm fireplace. Keep the chill of evenings at bay and enjoy the warmth and light a fireplace can bring.

Fire Features

No matter the look you want, our array of fire features are sure to impress. From functional burners to aesthetic installations with fire as a decoration, fire features can provide the perfect finishing touch for your space.

Elevate Your Outdoor Space with a Custom Fire Pit Hardscape

Our team of hardscape professionals is standing by to transform your property into the space you’ve always wanted. Let’s get started!

Celebrate the Season with a Beautiful Fire Pit or Fireplace

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Will You Choose Gas or Wood Burning?

In addition to the various designs and materials available for your fire pit hardscape, choosing between a gas or wood burning fire element is a crucial decision.

For creating that romantic, natural atmosphere, nothing comes close to a wood burning fire pit or fireplace. However, wood burning fires carry clear disadvantages, with higher demands for starting the fire and the accumulation of smoke that can drift over you and your guests.

For those interested in an easier-to-use option, gas fire features are the perfect solution. These features produce no smoke and can be turned on simply with the turn of a knob. However, they carry higher installation requirements and costs, as a plumber or gasfitter will need to run the supply lines.

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Whether you’re interested in standalone fire pits or a new feature as part of a larger hardscape vision, our team of professional hardscape contractors have the skills to design, craft, and build your dream outdoor space. Reach out to us today for a free consultation and estimate!

Hardscape FAQs

Fire pits should be installed on a flat, evenly graded surface to ensure stability. Sloped areas will not work for fire pits without prior preparation and grading.

A fire pit can be built on pavers or installed over a thick layer of gravel or sand.

Before installation, be sure to consult any HOA regulations that may dictate fire pits (or ban them entirely). Regardless of your HOA status, any fire pit should be installed at least 25 feet from your home, so use this benchmark as you plan the location of your new fire pit.

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