Is Your Landscaper Safe?

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Hiring A Safe Landscape Company Should Be A Big Part Of Who You Decide To Work With

It may sound a bit basic, but is your landscaper safe? Every time your landscaper steps foot on your property, you are at risk. A landscape company that does not act safely could harm you, your family, your property or even themselves. This risk could come back to haunt you. Having safe practices, trained employees, the right equipment and the correct types of and amount of insurance should all be a big part of who you allow onto your property.

Allentuck Landscaping Co. Recognized For Outstanding Safety Record

We are very pleased to announce that Allentuck Landscaping Co. has received the National Association of Professional Landscapers Gold Performance Award for our outstanding safety record in 2014. The award recognizes that the company had no vehicle accidents, no days away from work, and no injuries or illnesses. It is the ninth time that we have been recognized for our safety culture.

What Being A Safe Landscape Company Means To Our Employees

To our employees, it means we care about them. Having well maintained vehicles and tools, teaching safe practices, and providing protective equipment (see Horacio in photo above) tells our employees that safety matters to us and that their well-being is at the forefront of how we run Allentuck Landscaping Co. This safety culture helps us attract and retain our highly talented team that our customers count on to install and maintain their properties correctly.

What Being A Safe Landscape Company Means To Our Customers

Having a safety culture assures our customers that we care about their personal welfare and their property. Landscapers use large, potentially dangerous equipment to do our jobs on our customer’s properties. We often work near our customers and bystanders. It is vital that every member of our team understand that our responsibility is to operate safely. Not every company can say that. We often see other companies operating unsafely, in poorly maintained vehicles, with equipment that has had safety guards removed.

Being A Safe Landscape Company Helps Keep Costs Down

One way we work to keep our costs down is by operating safely. Every incident, whether it is damage to a customer’s property, a vehicle accident or an injury to an employee cost money through downtime and increased insurance premiums. It is always our goal to eliminate the opportunity for things to go poorly. Saving money may not be our primary goal for operating safely, but it sure is a good fringe benefit.

Congratulations to all members of our team on this wonderful accomplishment. We are all very proud of you and all that you do.


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