Month: August 2019

Why Core Aeration Is So Good For Your Lawn

Core Aeration Is A Key To A Beautiful Lawn Let’s face it. The soil in our area is thick, compacted clay. Not exactly optimal for growing a nice lust lawn. The problem with clay is that it makes it difficult for air, water and nutrients to get to the root system where it is needed. It also holds on tightly to what nutrients are available, and does not release them


Japanese Stilt Grass Control Strategies

Japanese Stilt Grass Is A Tough Weed To Control What Is Japanese Stilt Grass Japanese Stilt Grass (Microstegium vimineum) has become the bane of many gardener’s existence. It is an aggressive spreader, literally taking over acreage when one turns one’s back. It is so aggressive that it squeezes out other plant and actually can change a soil’s structure. It is a threat to both gardens and lawns. Japanese Stilt Grass


5 Plant Pest Problems For Maryland Gardens

5 Plant Pest Problems That Will Give You Headaches Maryland gardens are faced with many plant pest problems. While it is practically impossible to recognize and know all of them, one can learn the ones that will inflict the most damage. Every plant gets some diseases and has some insects that are going to do damage to it. That is nature. Be that as it may, most plants have that