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What To Consider When Hiring Your Next Maryland Patio Design Company Deciding which Maryland patio design company to hire is a big decision for any homeowner to make. After all, whoever is hired is charged with designing and installing an important improvement to one’s home. Whether you plan to add a new walkway and entry…

Fall Mulching Can Improve The Health Of Your Garden Your garden has been through a lot recently. Sun, heat, thunderstorms. The nice thick layer that was placed on your garden in the spring has become thinner, no longer able to adequately protect the plant roots it was intended to and unable to prevent weed growth.…

Allentuck Landscaping Company Serves At Arlington National Cemetery Arlington National Cemetery is a special place. As the final resting place for over 400,000 service members, it is truly our country’s hallowed ground. It also happens to be a beautiful 600 acre Class 3 arboretum. Yesterday marked the 22nd annual National Association of Landscape Professionals Renewal…

Create The Perfect Landscape Garden Design For The Front Of Your Home Some people say clothes make the man. Well, a good landscape garden design can truly make the front of one’s home. Let’s face it, a house without a stunning front foundation garden simply looks naked, sort of like a picture without a frame.…

How To Counteract Hot Weathers’ Effects on Garden Plants Hot weather effects garden plants but there are things you can do to protect them. A prolonged heat wave can be disastrous for all the hard work and money spent to have a beautiful garden, only to see it wither up and die. Here are some…

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