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I have talked a lot about how we do not lose customers because of bad landscaping. We do a great job on our properties and with our projects. Quality is not an issue. We lose customers when someone does not think we care about them or their home. Doing a good job is not enough.

Think about how you feel when checking into a hotel and the front desk clerk is warm, greeting and friendly. He or she smiles, makes eye contact, explains where things are located, and concludes with “is there anything else I may help you with?” It is the start of feeling good about staying in that hotel, and an improvement over the experience of flying to the location.

Every customer is different and has a different expectation of being shown how we care. The customer themselves may not even know how they want to be shown we care. That is the challenge we face; discovering how to show each person that we care in a way that is meaningful to them.

The best way to do this is to put the other person first. Think from their point of view.

This is extremely hard to do in this “hurry up world”. How do we slow down enough to take the time to think from another person’s point of view when we do not even have enough time in a day to get our tasks completed?

The following are 7 ways to universally show clients we care, and they do not take any extra time.

  1. Be The Front Desk Clerk

This is a simple one. Smile and make eye contact. A smile can soften even the most unhappy of customers. It will often elicit a smile back, which can set everyone at ease. Making eye contact is a sign that you are present and ready to meet. Act like you really want to be there. Furthermore, have a notebook out and take notes. It shows a higher level of caring and that you are paying attention.

  1. Say My Name

Everyone likes to hear their own name. “Nice to see you Neil. Ready to look at our landscape?” Using someone’s name shows respect, caring and familiarity. It says “I am here to serve you”. It personalizes business. Using people’s name makes them feel that they are important to you.

  1. Have A High “HQ”

“HQ” stands for Hospitality Quotient, a term coined by restauranteur Danny Meyer.  Six emotional skills make up HQ. They include: being kind and optimistic, or having hope; having an intellectual curiosity; a strong work ethic; having empathy; having self-awareness; and most importantly, having integrity.

  1. Accept Criticism And Grow From It

Being criticized is never an easy pill to swallow, but if we learn to accept it, we can grow and improve. No matter how outlandish some of the criticism we receive may be, all criticism is good. Chances are, if one customer feels that way, some other customers probably do as well. The key is to step back, listen and consider the critique in an analytical way. How can we use this criticism to improve our customer’s experiences?

  1. Give Your Employees A Higher Purpose

Yes we mow lawns and pull weeds. We get dirty and sweaty. Although we work for a paycheck at the end of the week, we must instill a higher purpose in ourselves and our employees. We improve people’s lives through landscaping. Think about it as our mission. We give people back quality time and we create special places for them to spend that quality time with loved ones. That is truly a worthwhile mission. Preach it.

  1. Never Stop Getting Better

There is always room for improvement. Success means always improving, never being satisfied. Learning and growing as a landscaper, manager and person are the keys to being successful. Helping others grow helps us grow as a business and is the true mark of a successful person. Remember, no matter how high you climb on a ladder, be sure to turn around a help the next person climb as well.

  1. Use Technology To Be More Human

In this day and age we are fortunate to have ample technology to help us do a better job faster. Using it to better serve our customers gives us an advantage and helps show customers that we are truly on top of things. Texting, email, social media, automations, gps, cloud base computing all make it possible for us to be efficient and communicate well. It is doubtful that we can over-communicate our ideas, solutions and intentions to our customers.

  1. Show Gratitude

The most important item was saved for last. Unfortunately, we live in a cynical world. Showing gratitude may be a lost art but it is so important. Our customers give us the opportunity to do great things and, as a bonus, put a roof over our heads and food on the table. Saying “thank you” is an easy way to let someone know we appreciate them and the opportunity to serve them.


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