Day: March 6, 2017

Deer Resistant Annuals

Our List Of Proven Deer Resistant Annuals You know the routine. You fight the crowds at the local garden center on Saturday morning, fill your car with flats of bright, colorful annuals, spend the afternoon plantings, mulching and watering them, only to come out on Sunday morning to find them eaten down to the roots by deer. Don’t’ blame the deer, they were just doing what they do. Eat. Although


Mulch Ado About Nothing

Mulch Is Much More Than Just Aesthetics Just as robins and daffodils are harbingers of spring, so are landscapers putting down mulch. A fresh application of mulch on one’s gardens is a great way to sweep away the gray of winter. Fresh mulch looks great on one’s gardens and simply gives a sense of a fresh start. It can also be one of the biggest tasks of the garden calendar