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Pest Alert: Spotted Lanternfly

Spotted Lanternfly Is Heading To Our Area A new non-native invasive insect pest is moving towards our area and is a serious threat to landscape plants, forest trees and agricultural crops. The Spotted Lanternfly is a leafhopper originally native to China, India and Vietnam. It was first spotted in the United States around 2014 in Pennsylvania. Populations have since been confirmed in Delaware, New Jersey and Virginia. For the first


Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Fireflies

Fireflies Are One Of The Joys Of Summer! Chasing fireflies are on the joys of summer. One of my fondest memory growing up was receiving a letter from Ranger Rick (yes I am dating myself) explaining why Fireflies, or Lightning Bugs, light up. It had always been fun to chase them around the yard at night with my friends. Turns out, I never asked Ranger Rick about Fireflies. My grandfather