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Snow...Good or Bad?


Snow...God or Bad?Is snow good or bad for landscape plants? Not meaning to be wimpy on the answer...both.
Snow is a great insulator. Extreme cold temperatures can damage tender roots but snow, like a good blanket, provides enough insulation to protect them.
Snow provides moisture. Ten inches of snow equals about one inch of rain. That is a good amount of water going into the water table for plants to use later on.
Snow prevents heaving. When soil freezes, it often heaves. This can cause plants to actually be pushed out of the ground. Snow helps prevent this.
Snow can be damaging. Unfortunately true. Heavy snow can cause tree branches to break and shrubs to split. A good way to prevent this is to have your trees professionally pruned and to brush heavy snow off of shrubs.
If nothing else, a snowy landscape is a beautiful thing to enjoy, especially from inside.

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