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Going For The Gold


Yeah, we know. It is a little cliché to use an Olympic theme but we are going to do it anyway. If you want to have a "gold medal" landscape, here are some simple rules to follow:
Start with a plan - You wouldn't build a house without a plan would you? The same holds true for the landscape. Going through the planning process helps prevent possible problems down the road, takes into
account the growth patterns of plants, and may bring to light some possibilities not previously considered.
Create fun - Life is hard, gardens should be for creating happy moments. Whether this means creating intimates places to spend time with loved ones, putting together an interesting combination of plants, appealing to the senses with fragrant plants or wind chimes, attracting birds, or hiding something whimsical (like a frog band) along a path, make your gardens come to life for yourself.
Make wise plant choices - If you have deer, accept the fact that you have deer and do not use plants that they are known to eat. Also, consider whether a plant has a lot of issues such as disease or insect problems. There is no point in fighting uphill battles. Use the right plants for our area. A southern plant will probably not survive our winters.
Consider maintenance - Hard fact here. There are no plants that require no maintenance. Sorry, it is the truth. There are, however, plants that require less maintenance than others. If you are going to hire a company to maintain your landscape (we have fantastic maintenance programs by the way) this may not be an issue. If you are going to maintain your landscape yourself and do not have a lot of time or knowledge, high maintenance plants such as roses may not be a good choice.

Gold MedalFollowing these guidelines may not guarantee you a gold medal, but they do assure a more successful landscape. After all, isn't that the real goal anyway?
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