Month: September 2015

New Sod Care Instructions

Your New Lawn Needs Care To Get Off To A Great Start Your new lawn has been carefully installed. It is important to give it the care it needs to get off to a great start. Please follow these instructions for best results. Watering: Your new lawn requires more water than existing lawn as it is made up of thousands of young grass plants. Water your new sod daily for


12 Important Fall Landscape Tasks

So we made it through the summer. Now what? Time to breathe! There is a welcome crispness in the air that can only signal fall. Fall is a great time to be a gardener and it is a perfect time to lay a solid foundation for next year. There are a lot of garden tasks to be completed before winter sets in. Let’s get at them. Clean Up – With


Watering New Grass Seed and Seedlings

Watering New Grass Seed and Seedlings Getting grass seed and new grass seedlings off to a good start is vital. This involves proper watering. Water your lawn as soon after it has been seeded as possible. We want the top two inches of soil to get wet. This will usually require running a sprinkler or sprinkler system for 20-25 minutes. Deep watering promotes healthy root systems. Water every other morning.