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Landscape Maintenance Services

Landscape Care

Allentuck LandscapeCare™

Landscapes Designed With You In Mind

Maintaining a beautiful landscape takes time and expertise. It is dirty, gritty work and must be completed consistently all season long for your property to look its best. Is this something you really want to do yourself?

We consider landscape maintenance an art form. A beautifully maintained landscape with nice, crisp garden beds, properly pruned shrubs, and lush, deep green lawns is a sight to behold. Let Allentuck Landscaping Co. turn your landscape into a work of art.

We Give You Back Your Weekend

Our maintenance teams can give you back your weekend. It is what we do.
With maintenance programs designed to fit your needs, our knowledgeable, trained and experienced staff will properly care for your lawn and gardens. All you have to do is enjoy the results.

Our Allentuck LandscapeCare Services Include:

  • TotalScapes – Our most complete program; our incredible staff will care for your gardens, ornamental plants and lawns.
  • GardenScapes – Your gardens and ornamental plants will get the TLC they need and deserve.
  • TurfScapes – For the lushes lawn in your neighborhood.
  • FlowerScapes – We will create a color explosion in your landscape.
  • Deer DeFence – An organic approach to protecting your landscape investment from deer.
  • Mosquito & Tick Guard – Giving you peace of mind to enjoy your time outside.

Easy. Hassle-Free. Professional. Give us a call at 301-515-1900 today!

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